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Please Note: We are not the "Canada Debt Solutions" that is calling people at random - we do not solicit clients with phone calls, our clients come to us for help.


Are you a victim of false promises "Cut your debt by..." companies?

If so, you are not alone. Thousands of Canadians are being victimized every day!

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  • Are you worried about your debt?
  • Receiving harassing debt collectors' calls?
  • Struggling to make minimum monthly payments?
  • Can't pay your credit card bill?
  • Thinking of bankruptcy?
  • Can't sleep at night?

Why Solutions™

  • We are Government licensed and bonded
  • We work for you not the companies you owe money to
  • We guarantee a professional evaluation of your situation
  • We offer no-cost and low cost solutions
  • We can help you to become debt free
  • Do not file for bankruptcy before speaking with us!

Aaron P.

Beaver Banks, NS

I would also like to take this time to thank you for everything. It was a pleasure doing business with your company and I would recommend you to anyone going through the same situation I was in.

Andrea R.

Hamilton, ON

Oh my goodness!!! You have made my day - my eyes are brimming right now.  This has been a long struggle trying to get out of the situation from a bad relationship and some poor choices. I can't believe that I am almost there.....now I just need to rebuild my credit rating. Thank you so much for this wonderful email. You have made my entire month!!!

Diana & Ryan P.

Winnipeg, MB

On both of our behalf, it has been a pleasure working with you to correct our credit history.  Thank you for your assistance in getting us off with a fresh start. 

Winnie Y.

Toronto, ON

3 words - YOU'RE THE BEST...You made my 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot woot...!



Reasons to avoid American debt settlement companies

Canada has recently been inundated with American companies, offering “Debt Settlement” services. These questionable “Debt Reduction” operations have been investigated by the U.S. government and recent US legislative changes have forced “Debt Settlement” companies to cease operations in the US. However, many of these “Debt Settlement” companies are now targeting Canadian consumers with false claims of their ability to reduce debt by 40-80% in a short period of time and many Canadians are being lulled into believing these claims. There seems to be a confusion between debt consolidation and debt settlement...Read More

Those harassing debt collectors

Abolish Debt Collectors? Only, the unprofessional ones… Don’t let them bully you!

When a person contacts Solutions for credit counseling it is usually (though not always) due to the fact that a debt collector is harassing them and they do not know what their rights are. People that seek the help of a qualified licensed credit counsellor are to be congratulated – these people have acknowledged their accountability and responsibility for the debt. Debt collectors have no right to harass them, or anyone else for that matter. If debt collectors are harassing you – You do have RIGHTS – lots of them. Don’t let them bully you...Read More

Dollars and $ense

Making money matter is not about worshipping money. Money is a dynamic commodity that can make your life better or add misery to your life. If you want to have money, take care of the money that you have. Manage it, care for it, preserve it. Business consultants often advise their clients to handle all financial matters relating to cash at once. That includes safeguarding it, banking it and controlling it. That advice is also good for personal finance. Taking all of these actions will help you become a pro in money management. Take care of your money and it …Read More

Canadians at risk

Many individuals are trapped in the never ending cycle of paying off, and then racking up, mountains of debt in Canada. Credit card interest rates, often looming around 28% or higher, do not help or motivate consumers who are trapped in the debt cycle. It should come as no surprise then that Canadians in debt are easy targets for the newest "debt reduction" scheme mainly due to the lack of credit education.

As you have probably seen on TV, many American “debt relief” companies are advertising that for a low fee they can settle your consumer or tax debts on your behalf. Recently, you may have seen these advertisements aiming towards a Canadian audience – wonder why? Well, debt settlement agencies in the USA have been banned (by the US Government) from charging any fees until they successfully negotiate a settlement on behalf of their client. Unfortunately, we don’t have this protection in Canada...Read More

Credit counsellors in great demand

My advice to Canadians: only deal with Canadian Credit Counselling Agencies. While many agencies say they are Canadian, if you dig deep enough, you may discover that is not the case. Do your homework. Seek out the licensed agencies and ones that can demonstrate to you their excellent track record and have licensed credit counsellor on board. If an agency tells you they will only deal with some of your creditors and not ALL of your creditors - RUN! With the exception of government debt, a good agency can work with all creditors...Read More

Learn about your credit counsellor from CAICCA

The Canadian Association of Independent Credit Counselling Agencies (CAICCA) was formed in 2000 by Canada's leading Credit Counselling Organizations, with the mandate to promote awareness and understanding of the credit industry through initiatives provided to creditors, business, government and consumers. CAICCA, through its members provides support to the complete spectrum of stakeholders involved in the granting of credit and the management of issues involving the consumer's credit use...Read More

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